wireless audio systemHave you ever been on a custom AV install where you couldn’t strike the walls to get your rear fills or your side speakers in?

As a former installer for a decade, I’ve been in this situation many times. As a firm believer in copper wire, and knowing that wireless technology wasn’t really there at the time, I didn’t feel confident that I was going to get the result that I expected or that the customer wanted, with wireless audio.

Now, the technology is more reliable and widely available. However, many of the wireless audio system options that are out there specialize in stereo audio or only take in line-level or speaker-level audio. Today, there’s an answer for the customer who is looking for something that’s more customized.

The newly unveiled PeerSound™ ADS100-B Wireless Audio System makes it possible to deploy multiple zones of audio as well as additional surround speakers across a household, whether it’s for a high-end home or a retro job where wires weren’t initially run.

wireless audio systemThe entire design process behind PeerSound took about two years. We put a lot of development into a robust wireless system that a pro installer wouldn’t be hesitant to install. There is a certain risk that needs to be appeased by the installer when using wireless over wired, and we set out to mitigate these risks from the beginning of our process.

Peerless-AV did not source this system, as we have been actively in the development process since day one. We actually have patents on the design, as it is the first of its kind. In fact, we purchased and demoed a variety of wireless audio equipment components to see what made them tick and how far we could push the technology. From there, our programmers developed a system that gave the custom installer the ability to complete more complex jobs.


wireless home audioThe PeerSound is not complicated to set up. Simply take the speaker outputs or line-level outputs of a given AVR or Preamp and connect them directly to the ADS100-B. You are now ready to place the remote amplifier at the location where you would like your speakers installed. While certainly being able to send an entire surround sound system wirelessly, the intention is to hard wire speakers that are able to be wired and use the ADS100-B as a solution when you cannot run speaker wires.

In addition to the above scenario, the client can also use the full function of a zoned amplifier with that last zone they were saving for an addition. Now the new 4-season room can enjoy the sources throughout the rest of the home without having to open up walls. Also, the PeerSound creates it’s own secure WiFi network, so it does not rely on an existing WiFi network that might not be robust enough.

The system is highly configurable and can support a host of situations. By accepting either line level or speaker level sources, the end result is virtually limitless and leaves our competition in the dust. By mixing and matching, a scenario such as this can be achieved:

The Client has purchased a new 7.1 AVR. He has wiring in place for 5 speakers, but wants his surrounds installed to become his side speakers. Plus the new AVR has a Zone 2 (amplified) and Zone 3 (line level). In this situation, the installer can use Inputs 1&2 on the ADS100-B to take Surround Sound Rears off the AVR, they can input Zone 2 Ampified to inputs 3&4, Zone 3 Line level to inputs 5&6 and then can send his LFE to input 7. Now the situation is such that all 7 channels being used can be installed without any drywall repair, reaching up to 140 feet through walls, floors and ceilings.

wireless home audio systemsMany of the systems on the market today are predetermined to accept line-level or speaker-level audio, but they most often will not do both at the same time. This is a solution that goes beyond the one-and-done wireless products that tend to max out systems. With 8 discrete channels of Audio supported, you don’t need to buy multiple head-end units. The pro installer will turn to the PeerSound Wireless Audio System because there’s no other system on the market that does this today.

I feel that the system capabilities are what sets the PeerSound Wireless Audio System apart from the other products on the market and the proof is in the system’s performance. What is your dream wireless home audio system? Let us know!

Todd Mares joined Peerless-AV as an application field engineer in 2011 after a decade of installation and integration work for cable TV and specialty audiovisual and electronic solution companies.

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