While digital signage offers businesses the opportunities to increase efficiency and drive revenue, it’s also a great tool to help create positive social change. We’ve taken a look at kiosks and digital signage solutions around the world that are making a difference in a variety of communities – see some of our favorites below.

Solar-Powered Kiosk Combats Bullying in Schools

pare360While technology has been known to be a propellant for online bullying, it can also be used to help those in need! After a tragic incident in a Mexican school, European company, Visionect and Mexican organization, PARE360, jumped in to help with the development and implementation of the Community Hub – an electronic paper touchscreen within a solar-kiosk. The system allows for students to report violence and/or bullying, safely and anonymously.

(Source and photo credit to Digital Signage Today )


“Get a CHECK-UP from the NECK UP?”

kiosk_mental-healthDrexel University has implemented a wireless kiosk that allows students to take an anonymous, two-minute screening surrounding their mental health. If their results show any indications of mental illness (depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc.), the kiosk will provide resources and information for the students to seek help. (Source and photo credit to Philly.com)




#UltimateSelfieCampaign – Digital Signage for Charity

digital-billboardsWant to see your selfie on a billboard, and promote a good cause at the same time? Creative Chatter Communities has made that possible. Anyone can log on to creativechatter.com, donate $25, and then upload a selfie and a brief message to be broadcast on a digital billboard. The nonprofit organization partners with charities in need, and the selfie-supporters can select which organization they’d like to donate to. Say cheese!

(Source and photo credit to Digital Signage Today)


Coins that Count – Donation to LLS

blood-cancerFor blood cancer awareness month, this September, Coinstar kiosks partnered up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to help raise awareness and provide research funding to find a cure for those suffering with blood cancer. At the kiosks, users can have their coins counted, with the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to LLS.

(Source and photo credit to LLS.org)



Kiosks for Safe Drug Disposal

kiosk-walgreensDrug safety is extremely important, for health and environmental reasons. Walgreens locations across Illinois have implemented kiosks where people can safely dispose of their unused prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Medications should be properly disposed of to avoid environmental contamination, as well as to prevent misuse.

(Photo and source credit to Chicago Tonight)



Tell us about any philanthropic digital signage you’ve encountered lately!


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