For homeowners, outdoor living space is just as important as what’s inside the home. In creating our outdoor oasis, our patio décor achieves both durability and livability. Gone are the plastic chairs as we welcome pillows, rugs, and of course an outdoor entertainment system.

When developing your outdoor décor, keep your outdoor AV top of mind during the design process instead of a last minute step. Explore the area with your integrator and find the best space for optimal viewing.

peerless-av outdoor tv

Talk to your integrator about a customizable outdoor TV that fits your needs for the space. There is a difference between weatherproof and weather resistant. Our outdoor TVs have all-aluminum construction to provide the ultimate defense against weather, discoloration, and impact. So, our UV2 weatherproof outdoor TVs are an all-season solution that can literally be submerged into water, whereas a weather resistant outdoor TV can withstand typical inclement weather such as rain or snow.

Choosing a weatherproof TV compared to a weather resistant product allows the integrator to have more options in terms of installation as well as more options for you as the homeowner in the design process. Plus, making the mistake of installing the wrong TV could not bode well in the future.

The final thing to consider is choosing the right TV mount. When using a wall mount, consider the tilting and/or articulating capabilities that provide the best viewing angle. A freestanding pedestal mount is something to look into if there’s no viable option for mounting the TV on a wall. A trend we have been seeing is mounting the TV over an outdoor fireplace. Below is a photo from our team installing a TV over a friend’s beautiful outdoor fireplace.

An environmentally coated mount made with anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials prevents rust stains on the wall should the mount get wet. During the installation process, your integrator should come equipped with the right hardware based on if the TV is being mounted onto wood, concrete, or brick.

Once you’re set up, finish your outdoor living space with some brightly colored pillows, ambient lighting, and maybe start a fire to make some s’mores with the family. Sounds like a perfect summer night to me!

What considerations do you take when designing an outdoor space? Let me know in the comments below!


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