Consumer electronics expert, Dr. Frank Viggiano, took our UV2 Outdoor TV along for the ride as he visited morning talk and radio shows across the U.S. Check out the highlights below!

“New Electronics for the Home” on Good Day Colorado

In Colorado, Dr. Frank highlights our “cool” outdoor TV as a “must have,” making note of it as “a first.” He also lets viewers know that we’re really well known for our mounts, calling us “pioneers,” and noting we have all the solutions you’ll need. We agree! Thanks, Dr. Frank! Check out the segment below.


“Latest Home Technology” on Good Day Chicago

In Chicago, Dr. Frank and Corey McPherrinhave a grand old time dumping water on and throwing footballs at our outdoor TV. Behind the scenes, the other morning anchors got in on the action, too, taking turns throwing the football at the screen – all marveling at the TV’s ability to hold up to the impact. We get it, Dr. Frank. They’re made to withstand any elements! He also calls it “one of the most unique products.”

“What’s New Dr. Frank?” on CBS Pittsburgh 

“This product is incredible.” Thanks—we’re flattered and we certainly agree. In Pittsburgh, Dr. Frank speaks about our weatherproof and waterproof TV, noting that our TV can even withstand the intensity of a fireman’s hose.

“What’s New” on CBS KDKA 1020

“When you go into a show like that… do you just walk around like a little kid in a candy store?”

“You really do! In fact, [for] anyone who loves electronics, this would be the ultimate.” Thanks for thinking we’re “the ultimate!

“Upgrade Your Tech” on The Daily Buzz

“No way!” Yes way, folks. Our outdoor TV was praised for its ability to be submerged and to withstand heat and cold, while needing no maintenance, all at a reasonable cost.


We’re so happy to have been a part of so many of your mornings!  What’s your morning routine? Let us know below.

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