Known for its many casinos, iconic Boardwalk, large beaches, and high-end shopping, Atlantic City also has a great deal to offer in the realm of digital signage! Alerting visitors of the best new deals or upcoming entertainment, the resort city is overflowing with digital displays.

As summer comes to a close, we’ve taken a look at some of the most impressive displays seen throughout the beach city.

Digital Billboards Along the Atlantic City Expressway  

Photo credit and source to Media Life Magazine
Photo credit and source to Media Life Magazine

Stretching 44 miles, the Atlantic City Expressway houses a plethora of marketing messages and advertisements through digital billboards. Approaching the casino-oasis, major brands attempt to catch tourists’ eyes with their catchy, enticing ads.


Harrah’s Resort: “World’s Largest Outdoor Video Display”  

Photo credit to SEGD**

Is a 50-foot digital billboard just not big enough for what you had in mind? Take note from Harrah’s Resort and make your entire building a digital display! Spanning about 500-feet tall, the installation can be seen for miles, even from the expressway. Every evening the building transforms – promoting upcoming events at the casino, and performing a lightshow. (Source: Digital Signage Today)


Digital Signage on the Boardwalk

Photo credit to Press of Atlantic City **
Photo credit to Press of Atlantic City **

In 2015, there were approximately 25 million visitors to Atlantic City. With visitors traveling from casino to casino, there is strong opportunity for brands to reach guests on foot, as is done with the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This exciting stretch of land spans 7,000 feet and offers hundreds of digital installations that share a variety of content, helping the city generate revenue through advertising, event promotion, and product placement. Operating 24 hours a day, the screens broadcast news of local events, emergency messages, music and performances, and more. (Source: Atlantic City NJ & ACprimetime)


The Tropicana Multimedia Light & Sound Show

Photo credit to Tropicana**
Photo credit to Tropicana**

Celebrating the 2016 summer season, the Tropicana Casino has created a 90-minute light and sound show. The installations include a 66-foot high curved LED screen, surrounded by ten 24-foot LED screens with spinning light cannons, complimented by an LED ribbon to unite the displays. The entire set-up spans the length of a football field! (Source: Digital Signage Today)

Have you recently taken a trip to Atlantic City? Tell us: What were your favorite digital signage installations?


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