Here at Peerless-AV we have a wide selection of outdoor TVs that are purpose built for commercial applications. It’s not uncommon, however, that our outdoor TVs end up in high-end residential applications.

Despite the commercial-grade build quality of the outdoor line of TVs, we wanted to ensure that our product is accessible to those looking to place outdoor TVs in non-commercial applications. Our goal was to create an outdoor television for those who felt uncomfortable spending $5,000-$6,000 on a commercial-grade outdoor TV.

Outdoor Television

Consumer demand for a high-quality outdoor TV led to the development of the Peerless-AV 47″ Consumer Outdoor TV. Based on historical and customer feedback, we decided that 47″ was the best size for a consumer version outdoor TV.

One of the biggest challenges that this product faced was incorporating the same quality of our existing outdoor products – such as IP65 rating and extreme temperature ratings – with aesthetics. Our consumers demanded a product that would withstand the elements, and look good while doing it.

In order to deliver a product that would last outdoors while also maintaining a certain aesthetic, we decided to go with shatter-resistant glass over the display, rather than plastic or no protection at all, something other outdoor TV manufacturers do. We did this to ensure that viewers would not experience distortion or glare while using our TV. On the back of the unit, we decided to use composite rather than the cast-aluminum that’s found on our commercial products – we believe this gives the unit cleaner lines and a more ‘sanitary’ look.

As a result, part of the design process involved buying smarter by cutting manufacturing costs while keeping the integrity of the materials. We did this to maintain a price point more in line with similar sized TVs that are available on the market.

With a price point of $2,999, our product has the best value in the market for a consumer outdoor TV and ours comes with the same two-year warranty that our commercial products do.

With the release of our first consumer-oriented outdoor television, we’re looking to take some of the best practices of this TV and deliver innovative products that use some of this technology.

What size outdoor television would fit your home or business the best? Let us know!

Hal Truax has been working in the AV industry for over 30 years. He is currently the Managing Director, Retail and Pro AV Sales at Peerless-AV.

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