As Black Friday is one of the most intense shopping days of the year, we decided to take a look at the some of the coolest retail digital signage installations around the world. While the displays are established for different reasons, they all serve one unified purpose – to better the customer experience.


Enhancing the Brand Experience

The Oakley store on 5th Avenue in NYC installed high-resolution digital signage screens spanning the length of the ceiling in the 6,800 square foot store. Saving precious floor space for merchandise, the ceiling display is composed of 27 hi-res screens mounted to the ceiling. The screens play four different content segments, all of which reflect the brand’s sporty branding.

Photo and source credit: Screen Media Daily


Charge Up

Holiday shopping can be stressful, and to help ease your mind on the busiest shopping day of the year, Calvin Klein has implemented phone-charging kiosks in over nine retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. Composed of individual charging lockers, customers will be able to safely store their phones for charging while they shop.

Photo and source credit: Kiosk Marketplace


Extravagant LED

At a high-end shopping center in Beijing, there is an LED screen that spans nearly 65,000 square feet! Used at night as an LED screen and a transparent roof during the day, this massive canopy plays a variety of content for shoppers passing by.

Photo and source credit:


Fuel Up

With a lot on your mind during the holidays, having one less thing to worry about is always appreciated. Volta Industries implemented custom charging stations throughout 3 Illinois shopping centers. Customers can pull in and fuel up for free while they take care of their holiday shopping!

Photo and source credit: Peerless-AV


Interactive Enjoyment

There’s no shortage of digital signage in the North Pole…or at least in New Jersey’s Short Hills Mall! Embracing the holiday season, the mall has recreated the experience of taking your photo with Santa. Parents can reserve an appointment to meet with Santa and let him know of any child’s special needs all within a dedicated kiosk.

Photo and source credit: USA Today


We hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving and a safe and productive Black Friday shopping experience. We’d love to hear what kind of retail signage you see this season!

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