Peerless-AV Introduces Special Purpose Video Wall Display Mount

Peerless-AV, provider of digital signage video wall mounts, has introduced a special purpose video wall mount, the DS-VWM770.

Designed for numerous possibilities, the DS-VWM770 allows for video displays between 46-inch to 70-inch to be positioned at virtually every angle. Displays securely attach to the mount in 15° increments ranging from 0° to 360°, providing repeatability and adjustability from display to display.

While on the video wall mount, displays can be easily accessed and serviced with the option to extend the mount from the wall and rotate the display at up to 90° of swivel. Other features of the DS-VWM770 include a security lock out screw to eliminate pull out ability and ten points of micro adjustment, which delivers the fine-tuning necessary to create a seamless video wall appearance.

“Designers and companies are continuously looking for innovative ways to display digital signage,” said Brian McClimans, managing director of business development, Peerless-AV. “As the first special purpose video wall mount, the DS-VWM770 provides the industry with the creativity, flexibility, and accessibility to take video walls to the next level.”

With high impact design as a key focus, the DS-VWM770 is particularly well suited for retail stores, hospitals, hotels, lobbies, ballparks, and airports.

The DS-VWM770 is currently available through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network.

By AV Network Staff

December 22, 2013



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