We’re so grateful for our customers who have been with us on our journey all these years. There’s nothing better than hearing from our distributors and installers that they look to Peerless-AV for all of their audio-visual solutions.

Digital Signage
We always talk with our customers to ensure we’re getting it right for them.

Here’s a glimpse of the many calls, notes, and e-mails we’ve received from our customers that keep us going every day.

“Peerless-AV has been great about trainings when on-boarding at all branches and they had the rep firm do the same thing again.”

U.S. custom installation product distributor

“We’re pleased that Peerless-AV’s products are Made in the USA since this means availability. We don’t need to plan out containers and need a 90-day window.”

U.S. electronics wholesaler

“Out of the 120 mount manufacturers that we have, Peerless-AV is in our top three because of their quality of product, the relationships we have with their team, the ease of doing business and our investment in them. They are better at taking feedback from customers than their competitors. They have respect for communication across the board and are engaging, well-prepared and professional at all times.”

–U.S. logistics product distributor

“We don’t call on it often because we have very, very little need from a custom standpoint, but we send anything that we need to do custom Peerless-AV’s way. We know that Peerless-AV’s custom capabilities exceed those of others in the industry. Our Peerless-AV rep is knowledgeable about the product lines.”

U.S. commercial installer

“Peerless-AV’s products are more advanced and cut down on install time. They are really good about letting us know what is going out of production and what is new. They’ve been good on price structure, supply and innovation. They’re hitting on all cylinders. They haven’t let us down yet.”

–U.S. video wall mount installer

“We love Peerless-AV’s reliability and quality of the brand. They have no peer! Being Made in the USA is becoming important with mounts since a lot of off-shores are using substandard steel and, over time, they may sag and screws will strip or bend, which could be a liability issue. It’s a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of thing. They are great people who are great to work with.”

–U.S. commercial AV manufacturer rep’s firm

“Peerless-AV has been first to market with a lot of the right products at the right time, such as their digital signage. They have helped us win a lot of the business, particularly with video walls, which are big for us. Peerless-AV is very good at supporting the channel; they have a good team of sales reps and support them internally. We work closely together with Peerless-AV to make sure we’re targeting the right customers and how to fill gaps in the product portfolio. They’re the #1 bracket brand with us now in terms of support.”

–U.K. distributor

“They’re doing really well with keeping current on new products! For example, there is more demand for video wall trolleys, so in the past few months they’ve introduced new solutions for this sector relatively quickly. The range covers all of our and our dealers’ requirements. From a 17″ to 98″ screen, they have a solution.”

–U.K. trade distributor

Video Wall Mount
Nothing pleases us more than making our customers happy.

Thank you to our customers for being a part of the Peerless-AV family. You’re the reason why we do what we do.

Nick Belcore has earned numerous national sales achievement awards for excellence throughout his career. He is a qualified expert on Digital Signage and currently the Executive Vice President at Peerless-AV.

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